7 Quick Takes about tax season chaos, an office makeover, and a litany for overwhelmed parents

— 1 —

Happy Easter!

It is Easter, right? Over here it very much feels like I’m still in the depths of Lent, because it’s tax season and Joe is working about 35 hours per day as a CPA.

My two youngest (3 and 2) seem to have been inspired by the intense energy that comes with this season, and they’ve been bringing their A-game to make sure the chaos level is dialed up to the maximum degree, every single night. They scream, they fight, they scream some more, they take a five minute break to watch Barney (which plays on my television pretty much 24/7 at this point), and then they go back to screaming.

7qt284 tax season 7 Quick Takes about tax season chaos, an office makeover, and a litany for overwhelmed parents

If I survive this tax season, I give full credit to Barney and frozen corn dogs.

— 2 —

Trying to prepare for a live national radio show is not the easiest thing in the world when you’re having these kinds of days. On Wednesday night — the night before my radio show — I felt like I had been thrown into a Felliniesque alternate universe that was filled with only the sounds of whining, crying, and a singing purple dinosaur.

Luckily, the Muse used my misfortune for inspiration, and my producer and I ended up creating a special new prayer based on my experiences these past few weeks: The Litany of the Solo Parent, done in the style of an old-school group litany at church.

If you’ve ever been stuck on solo parenting duty, this one’s for you!


(Here’s the direct link if you can’t see the player.)

— 3 —

Speaking of the radio show, my recent trip to New York was great. I always love walking through the SiriusXM offices. When you see all the different hosts and producers from all their different channels walking through the halls, it feels like you’re at an intergalactic summit from a sci-fi movie.

The timing of my trip couldn’t have been better: with just a 48-hour trip, I got to co-host Lino Rulli’s show, meet Cardinal Dolan and be on his show, and go to a live Matt Maher performance.

7qt284 nyc 7 Quick Takes about tax season chaos, an office makeover, and a litany for overwhelmed parents

7qt284 cardinal dolan show fulwiler 7 Quick Takes about tax season chaos, an office makeover, and a litany for overwhelmed parents

I got caught in a snow storm on the way out which turned my ride to the airport into a two-hour voyage, and meant that I didn’t get back home until 3 AM, but it was all worth it.

7qt284 fulwiler nyc 2015 snow 7 Quick Takes about tax season chaos, an office makeover, and a litany for overwhelmed parents

— 4 —

Lino Rulli‘s best-of podcast from that week is great to listen to: the first half is the live Matt Maher performance I attended, and the second half is me trying (and failing miserably) to teach Lino parenting skills. You can hear it here.

7qt284 lino rulli jennifer fulwiler 7 Quick Takes about tax season chaos, an office makeover, and a litany for overwhelmed parents

— 5 —

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to keep up with the latest from the blog world. I’d love to find some good new reads. Any recommendations for good new blogs to read? (Shameless self promotion welcome.)

— 6 —

After years of having a desk downstairs, I created a home office in the corner of my bedroom — and I hauled all the furniture from Ikea, into the house, and assembled it all myself!

7qt284 office 7 Quick Takes about tax season chaos, an office makeover, and a litany for overwhelmed parents

I got a new desk at Ikea instead of using my existing one because all of my old office furniture is extremely heavy. One of my biggest tips for having a large family in a small house (we have eight people in three bedrooms / 1,900 sq. ft.) is this: get light, movable furniture. You’re going to need to reconfigure your rooms every few months to re-optimize as your family grows and changes, and it makes it so much harder if your furniture is huge and unwieldy.

I use a portable room divider to separate the space so that I’m not staring at stacks of bills when I’m trying to fall asleep — and so that I don’t see my bed and end up taking a nap when I’m supposed to be getting things done. I estimate that I’m 10X more productive now that I have this office setup. I’m so glad I went to all the effort to get it done.

— 7 —

I hope your Easter season is off to a great start!


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