7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 19)

— 1 — Go take five minutes to uplift your day by watching this beautiful video about the lives of the cloistered nuns of Our Lady of the Rosary in New Jersey. (via Creative Minority Report) One of the older sisters said something that jumped out at me: The only thing that would make a person stay in the cloistered life, as beautiful as it is, is a supernatural call and vocation. You cannot stay in this life for any natural reason or else it is not going to work. You’ll be fighting against a human element that is going to conflict... Read More

Trusting God with your dreams (a book update)

Some of you have kindly asked how the book is going. Here’s my response. I’ve always wanted to write a book. I can’t remember a time when that wasn’t one of my biggest dreams. After my conversion my vision for what mattered in life changed drastically (as I wrote about here), and I found great peace with letting go of the specifics of my “life goals” list. I began to focus more on just serving God right here, right now, learning to be willing to follow his path without a roadmap to show me where I was going. Specifically,... Read More

Answering your questions!

Since all of you asked some great questions in response to the Great Delete of 2009, I thought I’d take the opportunity to answer some of them. Sorry I couldn’t get to them all, I just chose the ones that I could answer quickly since I’m short on time. 1. “Write about scorpions.” (The Sojourner) I know, I know. Sometimes I suspect that half my readers are only lurking around for the next scorpion sighting (all the posts on that here — scroll down to see them all). Also, you know you might enjoy blogging a little... Read More

8 Ways to Talk to Your Pro-Choice Friends about the Pro-Life Position

My post from yesterday reminded me that I never linked to my latest article at Inside Catholic. 8 Ways to Talk to Your Pro-Choice Friends about the Pro-Life Position I once said that I’d die to keep abortion legal and easily accessible, and I meant it. I was vehemently pro-choice, as were most of the women in my social circles. We believed abortion was a critical right for women and could not imagine how anyone could be pro-life. [read more]  Read More →

A day at the Texas March for Life

Friday night I told my husband I probably wasn’t going to go to the Texas March for Life with him the next day. My husband, who also used to be staunchly pro-choice, really wanted to go, but I had a million things to do and it was going to be cold. I said a little prayer asking if I should go (assuming that I’d skip it unless I felt strongly prompted otherwise), and went on about my business. A couple hours later I accidentally stumbled across a picture of an infant killed by abortion at 27 weeks gestation, an age where babies are old... Read More

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 18)

— 1 — Look! An official 7 Quick Takes logo, as promised! This is now officially a classy meme, people. (OK, I know it’s not the best meme logo in the world, but I had fun putting it together.) Feel free to use it in your own 7 Quick Takes posts if you’d like! — 2 — I find it interesting that the two of the posts I wrote this week were some of the most popular ones in a while (the one about “hearing” answers to prayers and the one about the prank call with the Christian gone awry), and they were both... Read More

Of prank calls and humility

One evening when I was in college some friends and I were sitting around in my dorm room, getting ready to head out to go to a party, when the phone rang. Caller ID showed that it was yet another telemarketer. Our number had been inundated with sales calls, and I was getting sick of it. We had some time to kill before we needed to leave, so I decided to have some fun with the telemarketer for my friends’ amusement. I motioned for everyone to get quiet, clicked the speakerphone button, and answered the call. Immediately a middle-aged-sounding... Read More

What is it like to "hear" an answer to prayers?

I actually found myself with about 45 minutes of extra free time this afternoon, so I thought I’d quickly touch on this great question I just got in response to my last post. Reader Marissa, a former atheist, writes: You said you “heard” an answer during prayer. What is that like? Is it like a thought in your head that didn’t come from you? (as weird as that sounds) Do you hear another voice in your head that isn’t the sound of your own thinking? Is it different for everyone and you just have to figure it out for yourself?... Read More

Sweets and scales: trading one high for another

This post is part of a series about re-thinking my relationship to food, which I call “The Saint Diet” to remind myself that the ultimate goal is deeper union with God. You can read all the posts on the subject here (scroll down to see them all). When I first realized that now was the time for me to make some radical changes in my relationship to food, it was exciting. God was clearly leading me down a brand new path, and I really felt like this might be it, a path to finally breaking unhealthy attachments to certain foods that had plagued... Read More

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 17)

— 1 — Ugh. Honestly? It hasn’t been a great week. Other than some very bright spots like one dear friend cleaning my house and another bringing over some delicious homemade meals for me to keep in my freezer, it was one of those weeks where I felt like I just could not control the chaos. It seemed like every time I turned my back to put out one fire (say, one child getting into a fireant bed outside) another would erupt (say, another child breaking a borrowed rocking chair that I’d told him to stay off of 1,000 times and... Read More

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