7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 158)

— 1 — Don’t forget the Saint’s Name Generator if you want a saint chosen at random to be your patron for the new year! Leave a comment and let me know who was picked for you. (Note that you have to click twice to get the name — I’ll fix it to make it one click as soon as I have time.) Last year my saint was St. Francis de Sales, and he’s been a great source of inspiration for me in 2011. Also, check out the comments to this post for neat stories about the significance of some of the saint’s names... Read More

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 157)

— 1 — Last week we had a moment that made us realize that Yaya is fully settled in to her new house in our neighborhood: The other day she was talking to a neighbor she recently met, and the neighbor commented about how busy she must be with her job. Yaya is retired, so she was confused by the question. She asked the neighbor what she meant, and the neighbor replied, “You own a daycare, don’t you?” Ah, yes. You know you’re fully integrated with the Fulwiler family when people start asking you if you run an in-home... Read More

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 156)

— 1 — We finally got the tree decorated. Which is good. Because it really needed to happen. For a couple of weeks it looked like this: What happened there was that Yaya kindly bought us a Christmas tree this year, a little before I was ready to decorate it. (Translation: She was so appalled that we didn’t get around to buying a tree last year that she took matters into her own hands this time. One day in late November I heard a some banging noises and squealing tires outside. I opened the front door to glimpse Yaya’s car... Read More

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 155)

— 1 — For the first time ever, I did all my Christmas shopping online. (Well, almost all: I note that I did go out of my way to buy a few things at a locally owned toy store that sells hand-crafted wooden toys whose earthy charm makes up for the fact that they’re kinda boring, mainly so that I could talk about how I patronize locally owned toy stores that sell hand-crafted wooden toys whose earthy charm makes up for the fact that they’re kinda boring.) Anyway, the onslaught of packages has begun. With five kids, four parents,... Read More

Baby gift for Simcha Fisher!

I realize that it’s not very blogging-break-ish that I’m already back three days after the announcement, but this is for a good cause: Simcha Fisher had her ninth baby this morning, a healthy baby girl weighing 8 lbs., 14 oz. (4.03 kg) and with the superhero name of Benedicta Maribel! A few folks have asked if there’s a way to give her a gift, so I thought I’d do a little online baby shower in the form of a PayPal button for those of you who’d like to join me in welcoming Miss Benedicta with a monetary gift to her... Read More

Partial blogging break – until February 21

Alas, God has not answered my prayers that I could have 40 hours in a day, so I guess that means that something has to give if I’m ever going to get this book finished. I’ve decided to take a partial break from this blog, so I’ll only be writing 7 Quick Takes Friday posts until Mardi Gras (February 21). I may occasionally pop in during the week if there’s something interesting to say, but for the most part I won’t be here Saturday through Thursday. I’ll still be writing for The Register, and will probably write... Read More

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 154)

— 1 — As you know if you were following me on Twitter on the evening of November 20th, some planes have wi-fi now! Which means you can tweet from 30,000 feet! Throw in some claustrophobia, a little wine, a few bouts of turbulence, and the hashtag #thuglife, and you have a quick and easy way for ruining any reputation you may have had for maturity, holiness or fortitude. (What? Nobody thought I had any of those qualities anyway? Hmm, all those people must have unsubscribed for another reason. Was it the link to the Jersey Shore Christmas... Read More

Where I’m doing my Christmas shopping…

First of all, let me assure you that I did have this idea before I saw The Crescat doing the same thing. I mean, it is tempting to plagiarize all The Crescat’s posts, and my blog would be a lot better if I did, but I really was planning to highlight my favorite family-owned businesses before she did it first. Anyway, be sure to check out her post too. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite small businesses that have wonderful products. I have either personally done business with all of them, or have heard good things from people... Read More