For Wednesday: Where do you write?

I want to see where you write! On Wednesday, I’m going to put up a linky list where fellow bloggers and writers can link to posts where they give us a tour of the spaces where they write, so start snapping pictures now. (And I’m defining “writer” very loosely here: if you create Facebook status updates, you’re a writer in my book.)

I realize that not everyone in the world thinks that this is a fascinating topic — but I am fascinated by it enough to make up for them. And I want details! How do you organize your space? What kind of pens do you have in your cupholders? What else do you use this area of your home for? What does your chair look like?

Can’t wait to see your pictures!

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2 Responses to “For Wednesday: Where do you write?”
  1. cinhosa says:

    A great idea! I am curious actually to see where you write after you gave us that pic of your monitor with the Hail Mary covering your word count.

    Another question I want to see is whether people can write with piles of stuff around them?

    I tend to pile things around my desk in vain hope that I will actually *do* something with said things. Then after about a week, I feel too cluttered and I go for the ‘nothing is near my desk’ for a couple of days.

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