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A summary of the America Magazine liveblogging

Well, that was exhausting. By the end of the second day of liveblogging yesterday I felt like my brain was about to melt. It was fun, but not exactly the easiest thing I’ve ever done to discuss heavy, controversial issues with almost no time to prepare my answers. Since the frequent updates led to a jumble of long posts, here’s a summary with direct links to everything that was discussed: Reaction of friends: I discuss how my friends and family reacted to both my conversion to Catholicism and my conversion to being pro-life. Religious... Read More

How I became pro-life

Who is human? Back in college I remember reading about how in certain societies throughout history (I believe in this case it was the Greeks) it was common for parents to abandon unwanted newborns, leaving them somewhere to die. It was so deeply troubling to me, and I could never figure out what was going on there: how on earth could this have happened?! I mean, I knew lots of people, and nobody I knew would do that! In fact, in our society you only hear about it in rare cases of people who are obviously mentally disturbed. How could something so... Read More

From atheism to Christianity: a conversion story through books

Back in this post I was talking about how I strongly encourage Christians to ask the tough questions about their faith. To summarize what I said there, occasionally I meet Christians who seem hesitant to delve too deeply into their faith for fear of what they might find. It’s a shame because, in the opinion of this former atheist, by asking challenging questions and seeking answers Christians have absolutely nothing to fear, and everything to gain. “So where do I start?” is a frequent response I get to that statement. I’ve... Read More

Britney Spears syndrome

I was in line at a convenience store yesterday and the employees had their radio blasting, playing one of those overproduced, hypersexualized songs (you know, the ones with the heavy techno beats and women gasping and singing in a high-pitched, coquettish voices). It was pretty grating, so in an attempt to drown it out I started flipping through one of the celebrity magazines. I hadn’t heard the latest about Britney Spears, that she evidently had a complete nervous breakdown a couple weeks ago and was taken to the hospital. As I flipped through... Read More

On discussing parenting philosophies

I was talking with a good friend the other day, a fellow convert to Catholicism from atheism, who is expecting her fourth baby in five years. We were talking about how wonderfully crazy it is that our lives are where they are, how neither of us would have ever guessed that we’d be where we are today given our totally nonreligious backgrounds. One thing that came out is that we both agreed that one of the most difficult parts of having children spaced so closely together is simply dealing with the reactions of friends and family members who... Read More

“What will I tell my gay friends?”

Back in what I suppose you could call “Phase I” of my conversion, when I had been looking into Christianity for a while and, to my great surprise, found it more and more compelling, there was one concern that weighed heavily on my mind: what would this mean for my relationships with my gay friends? Three of my husband and my very dearest friends and many of our acquaintances are gay, and live gay lifestyles. And though I didn’t know many of the details, I knew enough about Christianity to be pretty sure that if I were to become... Read More

Coumadin, clotting disorders and contraception — oh my!

I saw my hematologist last week and he reminded me of something that I can’t believe I’d forgotten about: that the whole Coumadin issue is going to be on the table again as soon as the baby’s born. For those of you who missed the fun last time (some highlights here and here), just a few weeks after I came to agree with Catholic teaching on birth control I developed a blood clot whose treatment requires a medicine that is completely incompatible with getting pregnant — if you conceive while you’re on it it is very likely... Read More

Friday Favorites for July 20

What great stuff! Twelve of the best things I read this week: 101 Quick Meals: If I had created my own list of super simple recipes for last-minute meals, it would have been like, “Open box of Cheerios. Stick hand in. Stuff Cheerios into mouth.” Luckily, nobody asked me to do that, and instead the NY Times has come up with 101 great ideas to share with readers. Most of the “recipes” are less than 30 words long. A convert’s thoughts on papal infallibility: Aimee Milburn offers some thoughts on papal infallibility from... Read More

Motherhood: God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called

I’ve come across a series of posts and comments lately related to the topic of determining God’s will for how many children you should have. I’ll pick on a commenter named Sarah, only because she offered a clear articulation of the point of view I’ve been puzzling over. In response to my interview with Hope, she wrote: I would like maybe four kids total…I cannot imagine having 7, 8 or more. My husband and I are just not cut out for that. My initial reaction to statements like that is always, “Whoa! Does that mean... Read More

MegaMom Interviews: "I could never do that!"

Hope, a mother of eight, has once again been kind enough to answer questions about life with lots of children. Be sure to check out her blog Mothers of Many Saints for more insights, and you can see the rest of the MegaMom Interviews here. I asked: Q: What would you say to women who look at how many children you have and think, “I could never do that, it would be too (physically / mentally / financially) hard”? She responded: I hear this all the time. I hear this from people who say that they couldn’t do the mothering that a large... Read More

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