From Agnosticism to the Priesthood (Part I)

To give myself a little blogging break I decided to try doing a post where I interview some interesting person whose insights my readers might enjoy. I immediately thought of Br. James Brent, a young man with a fascinating story of losing his faith only to find it again and realize he was called to be a priest. I hope you’ll enjoy hearing his thoughts on faith, doubt, finding your vocation and the priesthood as much as I have! Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Br. James Dominic Brent, O.P. I am a Dominican Friar of the Eastern... Read More

MegaMom Interviews: Ouiz on having help

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a MegaMom Interview, so I’m delighted to share some more of Ouiz’s thoughts on parenting a large family. Be sure to check out Ouiz’s blog, Chez Ouiz, and if you’ve missed any of the other MegaMom Interviews you can find the archives here. I asked: Are you able to handle it all on your own, or do you rely on outside help from family or other caregivers? She answered: So far, I’ve done it solo. Parents and in-laws are too far away, unfortunately! I tried hiring someone... Read More

MegaMom Interviews: "I could never do that!"

Hope, a mother of eight, has once again been kind enough to answer questions about life with lots of children. Be sure to check out her blog Mothers of Many Saints for more insights, and you can see the rest of the MegaMom Interviews here. I asked: Q: What would you say to women who look at how many children you have and think, “I could never do that, it would be too (physically / mentally / financially) hard”? She responded: I hear this all the time. I hear this from people who say that they couldn’t do the mothering that a large... Read More

MegaMom Interviews: Laundry and rooms

For the latest installment of my series of interviews with moms of large families, I had some questions about the details of day-to-day life. Ouiz, mom of (almost) seven and blogger at Chez Ouiz, was once again kind enough to answer my questions. I asked: Q: How on earth do you handle all the laundry?! I can barely keep up with our load, and I only have two children so far. Any tips for how to handle it as our family grows? She replied: Anyone who says they’ve got it all together and never get behind on the laundry are either supermoms or... Read More

MegaMom Interviews: How do you make sure each child gets enough attention?

I’m delighted to share another installment of my email interviews with moms of big families. Today I have answers from two “MegaMoms”. Ouiz of Chez Ouiz is currently pregnant with baby number seven, and Hope of Mothers of Many Saints is a mom of eight. Today’s question is one of the ones that most perplexes me. I am an only child and even an only grandchild on one side of the family, so one thing I was particularly curious about is: Q: A frequent concern for those of us who grew up in and around small families is getting... Read More

MegaMom Interviews: How do you afford healthcare for so many people?

For this installment of the MegaMom Interviews, I’m going to post the answers that two of my lovely interviewees gave me to the same question. This question may not be super exciting, but it’s very near and dear to my heart right now as I go to pay yet another stack of medical bills sitting on my desk in front of me. I asked: Q: How do you afford healthcare for your family? We’re swamped with medical bills right now and we don’t even have half the number of children you do! Ouiz’s response: My husband has decent health... Read More

MegaMom Interviews: "Children are never a mistake"

I’m delighted to share the latest installment of my series of email interviews with mothers of large families. This one is by Ouiz, who has the great blog Chez Ouiz, and is currently pregnant with baby #7. Below is just one of the questions she was so kind to answer (I’m posting them one at a time). It’s the same one I asked Milehimama and Hope; I love hearing each mom’s unique story and thoughts on this issue, and it’s nice to have as many voices as possible to address the impression in our society that fewer children... Read More

MegaMom Interviews: Hope’s story

As part of my series of interviews with mothers of large families, I’m excited to have Hope share some of her thoughts as a mother of eight. She has her own blog called Mothers of Many Saints, which I highly recommend you add to your regular reading list. The first question I wanted to ask her is the same one I posed to Milehimama a few weeks ago. I asked: To paraphrase what so many people in our society would think about having so many children: “Why?” It would have been so much less expensive and less work and less strain to... Read More

MegaMom Interviews: Milehimama on having help

As part of my MegaMom interview series where I pepper moms of large families with every question I can think of, Milehimama has some great thoughts on having support. She has a great blog called Mama Says… that’s definitely worth checking out, and as a mother of seven children under the age of nine she’s certainly qualified to answer my questions about running a large household! You can see my previous interview with her here. (Also, I have some questions out to other moms as well, so look forward to those). I asked: Q: Are you... Read More

MegaMom Interviews: Milehimama’s story

I have a fascination with big families. Probably because I am an only child and have almost no first-hand experience with large families, yet I am probably (hopefully) going to have many children of my own, I have a million questions for moms with lots of kids. Since I know that there are other people out there who share my desire to know more about the day-to-day operations of families with a house full of kids, I decided to start doing email interviews with some of these “megamoms” who are commentors and fellow bloggers. And who better... Read More

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