7 Posts in 7 Days: An epic blogging challenge

(Actually, it’s not really epic at all. Lots of people write posts every day. But I like to add a touch of drama to my linkups, so here we go…) Okay, people. Start stretching your fingers, put sweatbands on your wrists, and pull out your most sturdy keyboard, because it’s time for some serious blogging. I’m going to post every day from Monday, July 22 to Sunday, July 28, and if you have a blog, you should join me. Here’s why: Your readers want to hear from you. Maybe this is just me, but I love it when I see new posts... Read More

Now…where were we?

I just wanted to pop in to mention briefly that OH MY GOSH I SENT THE BOOK OFF TO IGNATIUS ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what: getting a book in final form when you have six young children, including a two-month-old baby who doesn’t sleep through the night, is not a particularly easy endeavor. Little life lesson for you there. It was very much in question as to whether I’d be able to hit the deadline — which I’d already pushed back once — and it felt just slightly like a death march there toward the end. I’m so thrilled... Read More

30-day mind shred

I have about 30 days to make a final round of edits before I turn the manuscript in to my publisher, which means that all four minutes of my free time each week will be going to that. Why am I telling you this? Because there is something about having a blog that makes you have these delusions that EVERYONE CARES when your average weekly posting rate drops by 0.7 one month, and so it makes me feel better to alert the Googlebot and whoever else might notice that if I seem to be updating less, it’s only temporary. Now, someone might be wondering... Read More

We have a publisher!

My bookshelf

One thousand eight hundred and twenty days ago, I started writing my book, a memoir about going from atheism to belief. After three complete, from-a-blank-page rewrites; countless feedback sessions from Joe and my agent and brilliant fellow writers, each of which left me wondering whether I should perhaps just give up on the written word altogether; revisions that made me feel like my brain was melting; a reality show; three new babies; and a pitch process that almost sent me into cardiac arrest every time I saw my agent’s name in my inbox…I... Read More

One for the bloggers

WOW have I been reading a lot of blogs lately. My Google Reader list almost doubled after reading through all your recommendations. Combine that with my awesome tablet and newfound free time for reading, and I’ve been a blog-post-consuming machine these days. I don’t know whether this is a curse or a blessing, but my web marketing and development background means that it’s impossible for me to read blogs without at least a little bit of analysis. I look up how many readers the author has, think about how that compares to the readership... Read More

Book edits are the new scorpions [UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Quite a few folks have asked if I’ve heard back from my agent about the book yet. I have! He got back to me last week, actually. I didn’t want to write about it during Lent since it would involve venting some frustration, but now it’s Easter so I am free to wallow in the depths of despair! (Wait. Am I doing this wrong?) Anyway, here is the update for those of you who are interested. I realize that that is probably only a small percentage of readers, most of them who fall into the categories of: Fellow writing nerds People who... Read More

The Antagonist

When I sat down to write this final draft of my book, I felt like I knew a lot about story. My three bookshelves jammed with tomes about the craft of storytelling were a testament to how much I’d learned about the subject over the past few years. And so as I set out to tell my tale, I was confident that I had all the necessary pieces in place. Protagonist? That one’s easy. Check. Central conflict? Check. Initiating incident? Check. Theme? That one took forever to figure out, but I finally realized what it was. So, check. I started writing.... Read More

Since you’ve put up with so much of my whining, I wanted to share this moment with you


On Saturday night at around 2:18 AM, I sent the final draft of the book to my agent. Even though there are many more steps to go in the process, I have a feeling that I might finally be out of the Sisyphean Wheel of Book Writing, and that at least there will be forward progress from here. (Though I’ve been mistaken before. If at any point you see a post pop up titled PLEASE KILL ME NOW, you’ll know I was wrong.) I wanted to invite each one of you over to share a glass of champagne with me, but since I didn’t think you’d appreciate... Read More

“Makes you seem insane”: Notes from the editing process


A conversation I just had with my husband: Me: I’m incorporating your edits to the book, and I don’t understand this note you wrote. You circled four paragraphs and commented, “Makes you seem insane.” Him: Was that the part where you were interviewing the potential employee? Me: Yeah. Him: The way it was written came across weird. It made it seem like you were rambling incoherently, and the candidate was angry that he had to be in the room with you. Me: Umm… Him: Wait. Was that accurate? Me: Sort of. I mean, the scene... Read More

Style, Sex, and Substance: It’s a launch week scramble and giveaway [UPDATED]

UPDATE (3/5): The book has sold out on Amazon. I’m told there are still some copies available directly from the publisher here, and they’re getting more as fast as they can. Because of the delay, I’m extending the giveaway deadline to Wednesday, 3/14. ———————————- I sat down at my computer this morning to write a nice, leisurely post while sipping my coffee, only to find out that Amazon has started shipping Sex, Style, and Substance two days earlier than we expected.... Read More

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