7 Quick Takes Friday

1 Quick Take in which I do an imitation of a responsible adult


Guys, I’m going to take a pass this time around. I was at a Texas Center for the Defense of Life dinner tonight where I had the pleasure of meeting Governor Mike Huckabee, and getting a picture with him that was so blurry and unflattering of both of us that I cannot bring myself to post it here no matter how badly I want to make it seem like it’s a normal part of my daily life to hang out with esteemed public figures (though I did put it on Twitter, of course). Here is a better shot with some of the lovely ladies of the Central Texas... Read More

7 Quick Takes about Snoop Dogg concerts, awesome nuns, and almost having the most epic book tour fail in the history of the world


— 1 — Wow, there were a ton of great responses to the form about the possibility of a book tour! And the notes that people wrote in are pretty much the best. But the real excitement came when I mapped the data. I took all the zip codes and input them into a program that plots them on a map, then Joe and I pored over the data. We were surprised that nobody from Connecticut or Massachusetts was interested in me coming to that area, but we were delighted to find that my blog seems to have a small cult following in Luxembourg! The map... Read More

7 Quick Takes about speaking for fourteen hours straight and trying to pronounce “listlessly” at the end of it


— 1 — I survived recording the audiobook for my book, and I’m back home in Austin! Or, at least I think I survived. I’m still in a half-delirious state where I half suspect I may have died somewhere around chapter 26, and this is the afterlife. …In which case, Purgatory is a lot noisier than I thought it would be. — 2 — We recorded the book with a brand new setup, and while the experts were figuring out how to get it done, I jumped in to offer my own expertise (cue Jaws soundtrack). I did some experiments... Read More

7 Quick Takes about man-voice, last-minute travel, and recording your own audiobook in a bad accent


— 1 — Wait! Before you say that I didn’t do a Thursday post (because I know that nobody has anything better to do than to police my blog carnival participation), I want to note for the record that I published this at 11:59 PM on Thursday — so 7 Quick Takes Friday is my Thursday post. I’ll do another one today for my Friday update, so I need an easy post idea. Maybe I’ll just publish the admin password to my blog, so that next time I announce that I’m going to do seven posts in seven days, one of you can... Read More

7 Quick Takes about cool book moments, bestseller bling, overcommitting myself (again), and doing a 5K in a palanquin

Something Other than God

— 1 — For those of you who missed it, we’re writing a post every day next week! I am one of the people who missed it and needs a reminder. I dashed out the announcement in an unfortunate spasm of optimism in which my connection to reality was temporarily severed and I lost all understanding of the realities of my life. I was looking at next week’s calendar this morning and thought, Good thing I’m free of plans, because I’m going to be crazy busy. And then I remembered with a mix of dread and confusion that Spasm... Read More

7 Quick Takes about epic novels, sold out conferences, book cover photos, and the horror of realizing you’re my neighbor

Something Other than God

— 1 — The 2014 Edel Gathering is officially sold out! We were 75% sold out within the first couple of hours of ticket sales, so we worked with the Omni to reconfigure the rooms to fit more people, and now those extra spots are gone too. We’ve set up a waiting list if you’d like to be alerted if tickets become available. Also, we hope to make this an annual thing, so if you couldn’t make it this time, we’ll see you at another one! For those of you who are coming: I cannot wait to meet you in person. Only 160... Read More

7 Quick Takes about crazy shoe parties, meeting cool authors, and Jen Moments


— 1 — So the response to this conference…wow. Our inboxes and comboxes and social media feeds have exploded — I mean, EXPLODED — with questions and encouragement and offers of support, many of the responses involving lots of exclamation points. It actually brought tears to my eyes when I realized that so many people agree that so many of us so desperately need an event like this. Ladies, we are going to have a blast! — 2 — Who is the patron saint against ice ruining a perfectly awesome day when you live... Read More

7 Quick Takes about recording things in hot cars, impending gala fails, and barely surviving the week


— 1 — Joe has been working late all this week, so I’ve been living a life of Grace — not like supernatural assistance, though I’ve needed that too. Grace like Grace Patton. This thing of doing breakfast and lunch and dinner and bathtime and bedtime for a bunch of young children all by yourself, for multiple days in a row, all to the soundtrack of whines and screams…it is INTENSE. I had to restrain myself from sending Grace encouraging texts like “how do u survive this bad life?” and “tell Simon... Read More

7 Quick Takes: Feverish rambling edition


— 1 — There are quite a few new readers here this week, so welcome! If you’re wondering what kind of crazy post this Quick Takes thing is, it’s a weekly roundup where I and other bloggers write seven little mini-posts, wrapped into one. It’s a chance to write up any stories that you’d like to share that don’t warrant entire posts to themselves. If you have a blog, join us! — 2 — My 7 Quick Takes posts are never examples of erudite prose, but this one is going to be even more incoherent because... Read More

7 Quick Takes about Benedictine Beer, LinkedIn fails, and complaining with metrics


— 1 — Before we begin, let me get something out of the way: It is taking all of my effort not to make this entire post about my FitBit. I am a huge data nerd — to the extent that I once gave Joe an Excel spreadsheet for Christmas – and I also love anything having to do with the subjects of nutrition, fitness, or weight loss (which is not to imply that I eat nutritious food or am fit or good at weight loss — I just like thinking about it). Anyway, when you roll all that up and dispense it in a way that involves me... Read More

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