7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes about recording things in hot cars, impending gala fails, and barely surviving the week


— 1 — Joe has been working late all this week, so I’ve been living a life of Grace — not like supernatural assistance, though I’ve needed that too. Grace like Grace Patton. This thing of doing breakfast and lunch and dinner and bathtime and bedtime for a bunch of young children all by yourself, for multiple days in a row, all to the soundtrack of whines and screams…it is INTENSE. I had to restrain myself from sending Grace encouraging texts like “how do u survive this bad life?” and “tell Simon... Read More

7 Quick Takes: Feverish rambling edition


— 1 — There are quite a few new readers here this week, so welcome! If you’re wondering what kind of crazy post this Quick Takes thing is, it’s a weekly roundup where I and other bloggers write seven little mini-posts, wrapped into one. It’s a chance to write up any stories that you’d like to share that don’t warrant entire posts to themselves. If you have a blog, join us! — 2 — My 7 Quick Takes posts are never examples of erudite prose, but this one is going to be even more incoherent because... Read More

7 Quick Takes about Benedictine Beer, LinkedIn fails, and complaining with metrics


— 1 — Before we begin, let me get something out of the way: It is taking all of my effort not to make this entire post about my FitBit. I am a huge data nerd — to the extent that I once gave Joe an Excel spreadsheet for Christmas – and I also love anything having to do with the subjects of nutrition, fitness, or weight loss (which is not to imply that I eat nutritious food or am fit or good at weight loss — I just like thinking about it). Anyway, when you roll all that up and dispense it in a way that involves me... Read More

7 Quick Takes about FitBit, couch rejection, and an important lesson about letting your spouse know if you leave pipe valves open


— 1 — I hope everyone has emerged unscathed from the cold front that swept through pretty much everywhere earlier this week. Our own temperatures dipped well into the “People Who Live in Fear of Scorpions in their Beds at Night Should Not Have to Deal with This” range, and we had to make sure to keep all our faucets dripping most nights. I forget what houses in the northern climes have that prevent ice from bursting their pipes, but whatever it is, we don’t have it here. On Tuesday morning I was standing in the kitchen... Read More

7 Quick Takes about galleys, daily logs, resolutions, and words for *last* year

Daily Log

— 1 — Happy New Year! I absolutely love this time of year. It’s nice to have a holiday that’s all about reflection and new beginnings that occurs when nobody is working much, so that you actually have some time to take stock of your life and make changes. Making New Year’s resolutions is one of my favorite activities, and I usually wake up on January 1 with a detailed list of concrete changes I’m going to make. — 2 — …Which makes it weird that I haven’t done that yet this year. Every time... Read More

7 Quick Takes Friday

Hello, everyone! Jen is sick today so she wasn’t able to write her 7 Quick Takes post. The link-up list is all set to go, though, so link away! I know she will enjoy reading your posts as she recovers.   Merry Christmas! Hallie //  Read More →

7 Quick Takes (that are admittedly kind of phoned in because none of us have time to be online right now)

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 10.57.25 PM

— 1 — The end of the year is drawing nigh, and the Fulwiler family is skidding in for a landing. I’m late for everything, behind on all deadlines, have put the kids on the Minecraft homeschool curriculum, and am telling myself through gritted teeth that our tree only has five decorations haphazardly thrown onto it (not counting the ten that the cat swatted onto the floor) because we’re good Catholics who don’t really get Christmas going until the 25th. So here is an admittedly phoned-in, two-hours-late, off-the-top-of-my-head... Read More

7 Quick Takes about Christmas card love, bizarre caroling phobias, and a reminder that guests are more important than food


— 1 — Christmas is week after next! And I still haven’t done any shopping! And you know what the best part is? I don’t care. I’m not stressed about it at all, and this is a huge victory for me this year. I always give lip service to the fact that presents are not the center of Christmas, and then I spend most of my mental energy thinking about presents. In my defense (and in the defense of everyone who has a lot of people to shop for), getting gifts for six kids when you’re on a tight budget really does require... Read More

7 Quick Takes about coldness, Instaweather, and maintaining sanity on Christmas morning


— 1 — Greetings from the tundra! A big cold front is sweeping through Austin as I type, and we’re going to have lows around 25° F (-4° C), and maybe even a little snow! Sure, this might sound like nothing compared to what people in Canada and other parts of the US experience. However, when you calculate the Texas Adjusted Temperature, it’s quite shocking. Here’s how it works: For any temperatures below 60 degrees: Subtract one degree for every time the temperature was over 100 this year. Subtract two degrees for... Read More

7 Quick Takes about fairy tale neuroses, Jen’s Discount Football Texting Service, and more!


— 1 — Thank you so much for your response to the book cover! It really is surreal. After the second time that I had to scrap years of hard work and start over from a blank page, I started to suspect that God had flung me into a Sisyphean cycle whose only purpose was to teach me lessons about humility and the ultimate futility of human efforts. The fact that I actually have a finished product — one that has a gorgeous cover, no less — is truly a momentous occasion, made all the more momentous by having you wonderful people... Read More

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