7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes in which I demand beverage service during turbulence, laugh way too much on the radio, and try to decide whether to root for Argentina or Germany


— 1 — Last week Lino Rulli brought his SiriusXM radio show down here to Austin, and I co-hosted it with him all week. For your listening pleasure, here is a “best of” audio clip: Podcast (catholicguyshow): Play in new window | Download (129.2MB) As you can hear from the multiple moments when I was laughing so hard I couldn’t speak, we had a ridiculous amount of fun. (Here is everything you need to know about what you’ll hear if you listen to that audio clip: about two-thirds of the way through, we talk about... Read More

7 Quick Takes about clearing churches out of food, admitting that I can’t figure out podcasts, and moving our couch RIGHT in front of the TV for the World Cup


— 1 — I had so much fun at yesterday’s talk and book signing at the Cathedral here in Austin. Remember how I made the joke about stuffing food into my purse for the kids? I guess nobody would be surprised to hear that that kind of ended up happening. At the end of the event, the organizer kindly asked me if I’d like to take any of the leftovers. There was a time in my life when I would have politely declined out of pride while covetously eyeing the food. Those days are long gone. This time, I replied immediately, “I... Read More

7 Quick Takes about wearing triceratops hats, signing Kindles, and standing in the middle of Times Square wearing an epic selfie t-shirt


— 1 — I am sitting in the Chicago airport, headed home from the NYC book tour trip, and I promised myself that I will not use the entire post to complain about air travel. I will merely note that I just got off of a flight whose terribleness was at a level that is difficult to describe. I declared to the man on my right, the woman across the aisle (though, sadly, not to Twitter since the plane didn’t have wifi) that this would be the last time I willingly allow myself to be shoved into a metal container that is launched into the... Read More

7 Quick Takes about movies on the lawn, my life being a Mensa puzzle for the insane, and why I do NOT recommend peppermint oil for eyeball massages


— 1 — For those of you who missed it, I posted the details of my NYC / CT schedule for this coming week. If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you! — 2 — As I plan this, it occurs to me that, once again, my life has become a living Mensa puzzle. I spend hours each day staring at my computer with Google Maps open in one tab, the NYC subway schedule open in another, Gmail open in another, and I can almost hear a voice narrating a problem from a book with a title like Brain Teasers for People Who Hate Themselves: A... Read More

7 Quick Takes about spicy ebooks, awesome Twitter bios, getting foot-jacked (and other reasons why it’s not “going by so fast”)


— 1 — We survived end-of-year awards season! My five-year-old daughter had her pre-K graduation today, which was our final awards-type event for May. This one was particularly meaningful because she is our fourth child to go through this Mother’s Day Out program. As I paced the back of the church with the fussy baby, I remembered when she was the fussy I was walking around during my oldest child’s graduation. This is where I’m supposed to wonder where the time has gone, and make wistful remarks about how quickly they... Read More

7 Quick Takes about winners, 100th birthdays, blue-blocking glasses, and my desperate need for Youtube recommendations


— 1 — Today marks the end of the official launch party for Something Other than God! To celebrate, we arranged for the book to go out of stock on Amazon just this morning! Okay, we didn’t arrange that. And I stared at my computer and screamed, “WHYYYYYY!” in my head. But the timing is eerily appropriate. All the contests end at 11:59 PM tonight (Friday), so this is your last chance to break out the boxed wine and espresso to make a SOTG drink that will rival Kelly’s! — 2 — The 7 Quick Takes contest ended... Read More

7 Quick Takes about hanging out with The Glitch Mob, a new meaning for #SOTG, and that terrible moment when you get cilantro bath soap and nobody cares


(Okay, okay, it was less that I was “hanging out with The Glitch Mob” and more that I was “staring at them while they ate.” See #5 for details.) — 1 — I was looking over the entries for the Something Other than God release contest today, and it dawned on me that I missed an important category: How did I not think to have a contest for best Amazon customer image? How could I have missed the obvious synergy between this category and the categories of Most Epic Selfie, Weirdest Place, (and, perhaps, Create a SOTG... Read More

7 Quick Takes about your awesomeness, saints working through Youtube, and me buying you a banana suit


— 1 — It’s the first 7 Quick Takes Friday since Something Other than God has been released! Thank you so, so, so much for the tremendous outpouring of excitement and support. It has been ridiculously fun to hear everyone’s thoughts as they read, and it’s fascinating to see which parts resonate with different people. And all sorts of hilarious and wonderful pictures have started to come in now that the book is arriving in the mail! I’m checking the #SOTG hashtag all the time, so keep them coming! — 2 — I... Read More

7 Quick Takes about the big day, a trailer for a trailer, and a dare to come up with a better prize than a Segway vacuum


— 1 — TUESDAY!!! The day that I have been waiting for since July of 2008 is now a matter of hours away. I am beside myself with excitement that Something Other than God is finally going to be released. I’ve been racking my brain for what we can all do to celebrate. After briefly fantasizing about a 15-city tour that takes place in the span of 48 hours so that we can all get together for in person, I thought it might be easier for all involved if we find ways to party that involve sitting in front of our computers (this is what... Read More

7 Quick Takes about going to the East Coast, embarrassing myself in interviews, and losing my ability to write the letter F


— 1 — People of New York City and Washington DC, get your margarita glasses out and dust off your dress banana suits, because I’m headed your way! I have the all-clear from my publisher to visit your area, so now we just need to decide what we want to do while I’m there! Dates are still up in the air, but it’ll be sometime soon. I get the impression that the good folks at Ignatius Press are open to pretty much any activity that would involve promoting the book, so let’s start thinking! Book signings? Speaking... Read More

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