7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes about charade fails, $100 centipedes, and six-word novels


— 1 — The exciting conference news this week has taken up a lot of space here on the blog, so I want to assure you that I’m not going to be writing exclusively about event planning for the next nine months — I’ll be talking about my book too! Wait, wait. Before everyone simultaneously commits seppuku, I’m just kidding. I’ll be updating about both of them, but mostly offering the usual in-depth analysis of matters of international importance that you’ve come to expect from this website. Case in point: —... Read More

7 Quick Takes about books, Instagram stalking, and cat videos because I’m short on time


— 1 — Things are heating up with the book! I sent the acknowledgements in earlier this week, they’re typesetting it next week, and I just got word that it is officially scheduled for a Spring 2014 release, and will likely be available for pre-order in December. I should have the all-clear to show you the cover any day (and have warned Ignatius that my self control is running low and there may be an accidental Twitter upload if I’m asked to wait much longer). For most of this year, I would often go a week or two without hearing... Read More

7 Quick Takes about rattlesnakes, books, and holidays that should be more fun than they are


— 1 — Happy All Saints Day! In theory, Halloween and All Saints Day are some of my favorite days of the year. I love how Halloween brings neighborhoods together and you get to mingle with people who live near you whom you might not otherwise meet. I love the candy, the costumes (well, most of them), the cool weather, and the festive spirit. I love that the next day is one of prayer and holiness, going to Mass, and sometimes attending events where children dress as amazing servants of Christ who have gone before us. And then the actual... Read More

7 Quick Takes, Donaldson-style


I’m on a plane heading to Bismarck, so this week’s edition of 7 Quick Takes will be hosted by Cari Donaldson! Head on over to her place for the linky list. Cari has some big news: her memoir was released just this week! What better way to celebrate than to guest host Quick Takes? (Wait. Don’t answer that.) The book is called Pope Awesome, and it’s a really fun read. It begins when Cari and her husband were a quasi-New Age couple who were suspicious of organized religion and said they’d never have children, and it ends... Read More

7 Quick Takes about haunted houses, affordable weekend wines, and #TWEETSONAPLANE

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— 1 — I am about to have a crazy week, starting tomorrow. After months of living a life that was like a reality show called Suburban Survival! in which the sadistic producers wanted to see how long one woman and six children could be trapped in a living room without resorting to cannibalism, I’m finally going to be doing all sorts of things that take place outside of the downstairs area of my house. Exotic! Tomorrow we’re going out with friends; my cousin will be in town over the weekend; on Monday I’m filming a Q&A... Read More

7 Quick Takes about carpet beetles, Minecraft, Pong, and pirates


— 1 — Everyone’s telling me to get hardwood floors. I know, guys, I know. Trust me: this topic has come up pretty much every day since that unfortunate carpet beetles incident. When my clean-freak husband realized that the bugs we’d been seeing on the couch were actually part of an infestation of insects that feed off of filth, it took all my effort to keep him from throwing out the couch, ripping out the carpet, and transforming our living room into a bleached stone floor with a few toys on it. The problem is that, now... Read More

7 Quick Takes about our anniversary, Halloween, and posts you should be thankful I never wrote


— 1 — Today is our 10th anniversary! We have exciting plans: I forgot to start the crock pot recipe, so we’ll be dining on chicken nuggets and canned green beans. The Screaming Child Quartet will begin their performance around 7:00, after which we’ll take in a live gladiatorial match as the girls try to decide whether the weekend movie will be My Little Pony or Strawberry Shortcake. The evening’s entertainment will conclude with a demonstration from a young performance artist who is able to poop in the bath within... Read More

7 Quick Takes about parenting fails, Evernote socks, and fruitcake (again)

Your dreams have come true.

— 1 — Personality theme songs! That ended up being the best subject ever. I’m glad that there are clever people out there like Delena¬†who think up these kinds of things. If you haven’t read the comments on that topic, treat yourself to a quick scan. I loved The Scientist by Coldplay as the INFP anthem, and Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid for ENFP and ENFJ. And then we had the INTJs, who had me laughing out loud with their responses, which were so wonderfully true to form: “INTJ here — wait, music?... Read More

7 Quick Takes about personality theme songs, Fall, fruitcake, and cats in boxes


— 1 — How is your Fall going so far? I have to say, this new season has been as good as I thought it would be. The baby is five months old now, my crazy two-year-old is beginning to show signs of having a sane side, and school and activities are giving our days some very-very-much-needed structure. We’ve even got some cool-ish weather here in Austin, so I’m pretty much all set to kick back and mull some cider and drink a pumpkin spice latte and do whatever else Pinterest tells me I have to do to enjoy Fall. — 2 — Delena¬†recently... Read More

7 Quick Takes about isolation, Chardonnaydo, and the creepiness of Furbies (vol. 232)


— 1 — I’m getting a late start writing this because I’ve been sucked in by all the great comments to the Facebook post. If I had to summarize the responses, which would be a daunting task since such a wide range of strong (very strong!) opinions were represented, I would say that the consensus was this: Don’t get an account unless you think you really need one. If you do, you can make it work as long as you’re careful about whom you connect with. That last part is the problem. This undoubtedly goes back to unresolved... Read More

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