Should I a) come hang out in your city, or b) stay secluded in the shadowy recesses of my home where I belong? (A survey!)

He's thinking, "I hope she doesn't put this on her blog."

My literary agent was in town this weekend, so I had the rare treat of getting to talk to him in a format other than emails dashed off at 11 PM after all the kids finally stop screaming. He’s thinking, “I hope she doesn’t put this on her blog.” Over a Tex-Mex brunch he quizzed me about my plans to let people know that my book exists. I pointed to the yeoman work I’ve done complaining about the audiobook recording and trying to get people sitting next to me on airplanes to ask me what I’m reading, yet I got the... Read More

Does it count as a post to tell you that Joe has a blog?

It better, because that’s all I got right now. I went to pack for my trip and realized that I have no clothes that are suitable for survival in the frozen tundra, so I’m thinking that maybe I’ll just wear five layers and walk around the Lighthouse office like the Michelin Man. Anyway. All that is to say: Joe has a blog, so you can read that in lieu of a post from me today. It’s a collection of links to things he finds funny and interesting, and has lots of good stuff. Enjoy! . I’m writing seven posts in seven days this... Read More

7 posts, 7 days

Starting Monday, it’s on! A new post every day from Monday, February 24 to Sunday, March 2. And if you have a blog, you should join me. Here’s why: Your readers want to hear from you. Don’t you love it when you see new posts from your favorite bloggers? Personally, I would rather them throw together short, imperfect posts than not update at all, and I bet your readers feel the same way. It’ll help you overcome perfectionism. How often has this happened to you?: You have a good idea for a post. You’re just about to... Read More

Aw, what the heck

Let’s do it again. Monday, February 24 – Sunday, March 2. A post every day. The linky list goes up this Saturday. This’ll be fun!  Read More →

Edel Gathering ticket sale time!

We have an official start time for ticket sales for the Edel Gathering! Assuming that I understand how Eventbrite calculates time zones, tickets for the 2014 Edel Gathering will go on sale at 10:00 AM Eastern (9 AM Central) this Wednesday, February 12. –> Here is the link for the page to buy tickets. A few notes: We’ve updated the FAQ page to answer some of the new questions that have been coming in. I’m closing comments here to keep communications simple, but please don’t hesitate to email us or connect with us on... Read More

Did someone say something about a conference?

Oh, that’s right. I did. When I said that Hallie and I are hosting one this summer. Contrary to how it may seem since neither of us have mentioned it recently, we haven’t forgotten about it or blocked it out of our minds as a sanity-preservation technique. We’ve actually been doing a lot of work on it. The reason for our silence is this: Our venue fell through. This is an even bigger deal than it seems, since the property on which we were planning to host the conference is a very unique place, and our vision for the shindig was... Read More

7 Quick Takes Friday, Thanksgiving slackin’ edition


Yesterday was everything Thanksgiving should be. We spent the day with our parents and my 99-year-old grandfather, and enjoyed an amazing feast that was neither prepared nor cleaned up by me. We talked and sipped wine with football on the television and a fire pit crackling outside, and the kids ate their weight in pie. We also took Christmas card pictures. All that family fun meant that I didn’t get my 7 Quick Takes post written. I’ll make up for it next week, and look forward to reading your posts in the meantime. Happy Thanksgiving... Read More

The Our Father, one word at a time


Back in 2011, a bunch of wonderful writers gathered here to reflect on the Lord’s Prayer, one word at a time. It turned out even better than I could have imagined, and these beautiful posts continue to provide me with a feast of food for thought. Since I know that many folks weren’t reading back then, I wanted to dig up those old posts and highlight them again so that you don’t miss all this good stuff. Enjoy! BY WORD OUR | FATHER | WHO | ART | IN | HEAVEN (#1) | HALLOWED BE | THY | NAME | THY | KINGDOM | COME |... Read More

Praying for the Philippines

I’m blessed to have many sweet and wonderful readers from the Philippines, so I wanted to let you all know that you have many, many prayers coming your way from across the ocean. Our whole church prayed for you at Mass today, and we’ll be continuing to lift you up to the Lord as you work through the devastation that has come to your country. For those who would like to help the relief effort, you can donate to Catholic Relief Services, which has a strong presence in the Philippines. They note that the recent earthquake has strained their... Read More

The Facebook-free life

Lately I’ve had a flood of emails from friends and acquaintances who are thinking of getting off of Facebook, and want to hear my perspective as someone who has never had an account. Joe and I set up a page for Conversion Diary through his account for the convenience of readers who prefer to follow blogs that way, and I read the comments there as often as possible, but I’ve only logged into Facebook a handful of times in my life. Anyway, per my semi-annual tradition, I’ve been agonizing about whether I should finally get an account.... Read More

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