The God who becomes dust

I made an early-morning holy hour a couple weeks ago. The stars were still out when I pulled into the Adoration chapel’s parking lot, but the first row was almost full; there was only one space left. When I walked into the entry hall I was deeply moved, as I always am, to see that the sign-in registry was full all through the night. The Lord is never left alone; weekends, weekdays, holidays, the middle of the night during a bad storm — someone is always there with him. Each hour has at least one committed “adorer” in addition... Read More

When God locks doors

On Saturday, my long-awaited break finally arrived. Regular readers know that for a couple weeks now I’ve been desperate for some time to get away from it all to recharge my batteries both spiritually and physically, and that my efforts in that department kept falling through. Just when I felt like I was getting close to some kind of breaking point, my husband arranged for me to get out of the house for a couple hours on Saturday. I was so excited I was giddy, and I knew exactly where I was going to go: our church’s Adoration chapel.... Read More

The greatest nothing I ever felt

When I first stepped into the chapel at my Christ Renews His Parish retreat this weekend, I felt a sense of nervous anticipation. My eyes gradually adjusted to the candle-lit room as we all filed into the pews for a moment of Adoration, and I gazed up at the monstrance on the altar. The movement of the swaying candlelight lent an ethereal feel to the room, and the ancient sounds of Gregorian chant lifted us out of the building off of I-35 in twenty-first century America and took us to some place where time and place were irrelevant and only God... Read More

There is water here

As I mentioned, our church is doing 24 hours of Adoration for people who want to pray before the election. After my husband and I put the kids to bed yesterday I wanted nothing more to go collapse into bed myself, but instead I grabbed my purse and headed out into the night to go to our church. Adoration started after the daily Mass yesterday and will continue until the Mass this afternoon, right around the time the polls close. I happened to have my camera with me and took a few pictures from the narthex that I thought captured the feel of the... Read More

The Adoration List

One of the things I’ve realized in my ongoing quest for peace in daily life is that I tend to worry and second-guess myself a lot, especially when things are overwhelming. I frequently have all sorts of “am I doing this wrong?” or “would it be better for the kids if I did XYZ like my supermom friend does?” type dialogues running through my head. None of it causes huge amounts of stress, but there is a sort of low-grade angst that’s frequently haunting the back of my mind, especially on tough days when I’m... Read More