When church isn’t fun

I can’t think of a time in recent memory that I have had less fun than I did on Easter Sunday. It was the day I found out that feeding four young children a breakfast of donuts and Easter basket candy results in the same behavior you’d expect to see if you gave crack to monkeys. It was the day that I learned that my husband and I are evidently descended entirely from warlike peoples, our genes leaving our offspring without a shred of proclivity towards civilized behavior or docility. It was a day that I was blessed with bountiful opportunities... Read More

Finding home

The ride home from the airport after we picked up our Kidsave child Rita was a little tense. We quickly found out that when they said in her bio that she speaks some English, by “some” they meant “not a single word.” A Colombian social worker named Maria was with us as well, and she didn’t speak much English either. “Is hot too where you live?” I asked in broken Spanish. They barely managed to nod and smile. They had arrived a day late after getting stuck in Atlanta overnight, and were too exhausted to strain... Read More

The story of a beautiful Mass

After all the austerity of Lent, I was really looking forward to experiencing the beauty of the Easter Mass this morning. I couldn’t wait to behold the visual feast of our breathtaking sanctuary filled with freshly cut white flowers, rich white and gold fabrics, and other decorations that symbolize a season of life and hope. I looked forward to settling into the comfort of our usual pew and listen to the choir proclaim joyful hymns that they’d undoubtedly perfected over weeks of practice. But as we neared the church and policemen in... Read More

Five years later

Five years ago last Saturday, my husband and I got married. In many ways, that night was the apex of our worldly life: our wedding took place in a rented theater, I wore a dark purple dress, we wrote our own vows, our officiant came in second in a stripping contest at a gay club the night before, and the afterparty lasted until eleven o’clock the next morning. Shoot, we weren’t even technically married at our wedding. The piece of paper from the state meant little to us, so we just got that out of the way the day before. Here’s... Read More

Communion with God

We went to Mass this weekend, as usual. I realized as I was getting ready to go that I’ve been to Mass every single weekend since we entered the Church at Easter — even when I was exhausted, even when I wasn’t feeling well, even five days after our third baby in three years was born. More strikingly, I realized that I almost always look forward to it. Of all the things that have changed in my life since becoming Catholic, this is one of the biggest. As a child, I never once went to church with my parents. Occasionally I’d... Read More