Wonderful internet-y things for you to check out while I recover


How did the Thirst Conference go? Glad you asked. First, allow me to set the scene for you: Due to my health issues (and, let’s face it, the fact that I have six young children), I haven’t done an out-of-state speaking engagement in almost a year. Being out of practice combined with hardly getting any sleep the previous week, and the result was that I was a little nervous about my talks. I reminded myself that speaking to a group of just 100 or 200 people in a small room isn’t so bad, since the intimate setting is conducive to... Read More

A links roundup, brought to you by the pile of trash in my living room

Time to surf pictures of clean houses on Pinterest.

Joe and I are “getting the house ready for Fall” this week, and by that I mean “we are ruining our own lives, hopefully temporarily, so that we can eventually get this place to a point that it seems a little less like it’s an insane asylum for monkeys.” You see, this is a three-bedroom house, and we have six kids. That could be a perfectly workable situation, except for the fact that my oldest is a boy and is at the age where it doesn’t work for him to share a room with girls, but all of his siblings are either... Read More

Fabulous finds: Rats in a cage edition

Summer is off to a rolicking start here in the Fulwiler household, and by that I mean our TV is about to explode from overuse. Every weekday I announce dramatically that we cannot spend one more day sitting around the living room, solemnly promising that there shall be activities, starting tomorrow. Then, the next day, I wake up and count on one hand the number of hours of sleep I got the night before. I think through the logistics of getting myself and six young children out the door, and my brain starts melting around the time that it occurs to... Read More

Fun stuff to read while I get stabbed in the neck

I finally talked to the doctor who’s going to do The Insane-O Vein Procedure. Here’s how that went: Doctor: Tell me a bit about your history with clotting. Me: [I tell him about my genetic clotting disorder (Factor II, homozygous), how it’s exacerbated by pregnancy, how I had a deep vein thrombosis in 2006, how I’m nine months pregnant, and how I’m currently recovering from bilateral pulmonary embolisms that occurred while I was taking preventative blood thinners.] Doctor: [Whistles under his breath.] Me: [Have an... Read More

How I’m working through my bottomless bitterness toward Google (and some great links!)

I’m really sorry about what happened with Google Reader. It’s my fault. You see, 2013 is destined to be a year of having all worldly pleasures systematically eradicated from the Fulwiler household, and, as settling into bed to read my favorite blogs on my tablet at the end of a long day was one of the few remaining things that brought me great happiness in this life, it had to go. There was no way it could just stop working for me: if the Reader app crashed on my tablet, I’d download it again. If it wouldn’t work on my tablet... Read More

Fabulous Finds

Today is the best day ever! I finally found some amazing housekeepers (probably because God got tired of my whining), and they have the very unenviable task of coming here today to do a major deep clean. I even got some sage advice from Auntie Leila herself when I asked on Twitter about how to keep their services: On top of that, I am so pleasantly surprised by how the comments to the veils post have been going. With only a few exceptions, I thought the responses were constructive and charitable. Thanks for a great discussion! Let’s celebrate... Read More

Fabulous Finds

Guess what Joe did this weekend? He took me on a surprise outing to see Christopher Cross perform with the Austin Symphony Orchestra! He let the fact that I’d never said anything about being a Christopher Cross fan deter him not at all, and hooked us up with front-row tickets. I’m so glad he did, because it was a fantastic show. It was a wonder to see so many instruments working together (probably 100 in all), and Mr. Cross’ personality was as much of a hit as the music. He told the story of the time an airline employee took his... Read More

Fabulous finds

A few things I’ve come across in my web voyaging that are too good not to share: – I shall henceforth think of my life as being divided into two epochs: before I discovered the Guy on a Buffalo videos, and after I discovered the Guy on a Buffalo videos. . (Thanks to Simple Felicity for posting the video in last week’s 7 Quick Takes post and giving my life meaning.) (P.S. That band is from Austin. Of course.) – A great litmus test for finding balance: “Will saying yes to this activity require me to live in a frantic... Read More