Museum life

Back in July of 2006 I wrote a postĀ marveling at a family friend who always managed to be cheerful and loving, even though she worked five times as hard as I did and had significant problems in her life. I didn’t have a take in the post; I just relayed the story, and promised at the end that I would write a Part 2 with further thoughts. I have never forgotten that I didn’t write that second post. By Grabthar’s Hammer, when I say that I will write a follow-up to a post, I SHALL DO IT! …Sometimes it just takes me six years... Read More

What kneeling on a department store floor taught me about gratitude

As regular readers know, I am a gratitude ignoramus. This concept that flows so easily through the lives of others never fails to leave me confounded; I stand around scratching my head and analyzing what it means to count your blessings, while other people are actually counting their blessings. Ann Voskamp (whose blogĀ I’m pretty sure the Bible specifically commands us to read) was the first person to get me thinking about this concept. I would read through her 1,000 Gifts posts and feel the Holy Spirit pouring through my computer screen,... Read More

Saving Christmas

We went to Midnight Mass on Monday night, the first time I’d ever gone to church for Christmas. We walked into our beautiful church around 11:30pm and took a seat up front just in time for the caroling to start. I was fascinated as I looked around the building, to see so many people (probably about 500 in all) in their nice suits and dresses, out so late on this cold night to pay their respects to God. As the choir began a beautiful rendition of O Come All Ye Faithful, I sank bank into the pew and only barely sang along. I had waited so long... Read More

Communion with God

We went to Mass this weekend, as usual. I realized as I was getting ready to go that I’ve been to Mass every single weekend since we entered the Church at Easter — even when I was exhausted, even when I wasn’t feeling well, even five days after our third baby in three years was born. More strikingly, I realized that I almost always look forward to it. Of all the things that have changed in my life since becoming Catholic, this is one of the biggest. As a child, I never once went to church with my parents. Occasionally I’d... Read More