The update you’ve all been waiting for…

Ever since I blogged about our experience hosting an older orphaned child from the Kidsave Summer Miracles program, many of you have asked me if “Rita,” the 12-year-old girl who stayed with us, ever found an adoptive family. Though I knew that good things were in the works, I was always hesitant to give an update since there were so many variables at play. But I am thrilled to finally be able to announce that “Rita” has been adopted and is currently heading back to the U.S. with her beautiful new family! "Rita"/Ana... Read More

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 45)

— 1 — Our Kidsave child Rita left on Tuesday morning. Saying goodbye at the airport was tough. She was doing OK, but some of the other girls were hysterical; none of them wanted to leave. I’m still not quite ready to make any announcements about whether or not she’s found a family, mainly because Kidsave requires a two-week wait after the kids return to Colombia before anyone can submit adoption paperwork (and all the kids are required to return, regardless of whether or not they’ve found families) so it’s not... Read More

Trusting God to bring good out of french fries

The other day I was at Sonic, ordering a chicken sandwich for Rita, when I spotted an ad for the crispy deep-fried deliciousness that is their onion rings. (“Onion rings?” you ask. “But isn’t that junk food, which you gave up as part of your Saint Diet?” You see, dear reader, the little bit of cheating I did when I was so busy when Rita first got here reignited that carb addiction thing which led to me to have this brilliant idea that “if I’m going to fall off the wagon anyway I might as well make it a spectacular... Read More

Finding home

The ride home from the airport after we picked up our Kidsave child Rita was a little tense. We quickly found out that when they said in her bio that she speaks some English, by “some” they meant “not a single word.” A Colombian social worker named Maria was with us as well, and she didn’t speak much English either. “Is hot too where you live?” I asked in broken Spanish. They barely managed to nod and smile. They had arrived a day late after getting stuck in Atlanta overnight, and were too exhausted to strain... Read More

Choosing patience

When we found out that all our paperwork was approved and we’d be hosting a Kidsave child this summer, one of the first things I thought was that I was going to have to work on patience. I had always thought of myself as a fairly patient mom, especially considering my circumstances with four kids under five, yet when I thought of how my daily behavior might seem to a child who didn’t know me well — who may have even experienced abuse* — I realized that things were going to have to change. At least a couple times a week the... Read More

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 43)

— 1 — We went to the San Antonio zoo yesterday. In 101-degree heat. With a four-hour round trip drive. Does that sound challenging? It was. However, it was all worth it to meet up with the other Kidsave families — who are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met — and to see how excited all the girls were to be there. My kids liked it as well, although as it got closer to naptime and they began to look more and more like angry tomatoes, the excitement of the exotic animals began to wear off for them. Also, in the “scary... Read More

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 42)

— 1 — I’m having one of those days where I feel like I’m failing in every possible way; that, as I said on Twitter, God probably tried to call me to be a desert hermit back in my early 20’s but I wasn’t listening and now I’ve screwed it all up by trying to interact with other human beings. For whatever reason I continue to have an irrational preoccupation with the worry that our Kidsave child Rita isn’t HAVING FUN, and on days like today when everyone is overtired and it seems like one of the kids... Read More

How to make a person cry in Hobby Lobby

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been plagued with worry ever since our Kidsave child Rita got here that she’s not having a good time; she’s a bit withdrawn and when we have mornings like we did today, where three of my children greeted the day by screaming at the top of their lungs for about 30 minutes, I become convinced that she’s having a miserable summer. All day yesterday and today I’ve been praying for God’s guidance, just wanting to know if she’s doing OK, if our efforts to make her feel loved and welcomed... Read More

Having nothing to offer

Today is day six of our experience as Kidsave hosts, and so far almost everything is going well. I say “almost” not because there are any problems with Rita — she is delightful — but because I’ve been surprisingly stressed about making sure that she has a good time this summer. All the other families are sending the kids to all sorts of fabulous day camps all summer, and I haven’t been able to get anything like that together for a variety of reasons (limited budget, limited ability to leave house with car full... Read More

About Kidsave (infopost)

The following is what I call an infopost, just a quick summary of a topic that I’m writing about a lot for me to refer to in posts so that new readers can understand what I’m talking about. If you’re a regular reader, you can skip this post. We are excited to be hosting a child as part of the Kidsave Summer Miracles program this summer. She will be here from July 2 until August 4, 2009. Kidsave is a wonderful organization that allows orphaned children to come to America for a fun summer visit (and hopefully to find a family —... Read More

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