Why did Jesus have to die for our sins?

Speaking of Steve G., I am delighted to share this guest post that he wrote. Click here to see all of his posts. Early in my Christian journey, I often struggled with understanding why Christ had to die for our sins. This was something that believers would say to me that I had a very difficult time grasping, and when pressed, they often had a difficult time answering. “What does that mean exactly?” I would ask. “Why did He need to die for my sins? I mean it sounds great that He loves me so much that He’d be willing to give... Read More

On being loved: A thought on spiritual dry spells

GUEST POST BY STEVE G. A while back fellow convert, regular commenter and occasional guest blogger Steve G. emailed me with some thoughts on a long period of darkness that he experienced. His reflection was so interesting and thought-provoking that I just couldn’t keep it to myself, so I asked if I could share it here. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with Steve G., I highly recommend checking out some of his other writing here.) Here is what he wrote: ——————– It’s amazing, but the... Read More

Guest post: A family liturgy

by Steve G. [Regular commentor Steve G. had some great thoughts to add to my post about bringing peace to my household, so I suggested that he do a guest post. You can see Steve’s other guest posts here — scroll down to see the full list.] I can’t help but continue to see all of this in the context of Gordon Neufeld’s attachment theory concepts [summarized in this post], and I think his approach holds the key to understanding the way we should approach such things. Going back to Neufeld’s book, he argues that what we’ve... Read More

Guest post: Three things my parents did right

By Steve G. (regular commentor and occasional guest blogger — some examples of his writing here and here) Since Steve doesn’t have his own blog, here is his contribution to the Group Writing Project: Initially I felt left out on this post. I come from a broken home where my most vivid memory from childhood is sitting at the living room window, looking out on the dark night, and watching my father carrying his suitcase to his girlfriend’s car for the final time. One of my greatest shocks was as a teenager, proofreading an essay... Read More

Did people create Christianity?

In the previous post, a reader asked: I am a Catholic homeschooling mom who has been reading your blog for a while. One thing I have been wondering is this: how did you come to terms with the argument that Christianity is merely an anthropological construct? So many of the Old Testament stories seem to have parallels in ancient mythology. My kids are now asking these questions as we cover ancient history in our schooling. The last post answered the nuts and bolts of the question. But there’s something else worth considering as well, as regular... Read More

What about the fact that modern science seems to disprove the Old Testament stories?

…Does that mean they’re just myths? I’ve heard this type of question a lot, and my perception that modern science had proven once and for all that those Bible creation stories were “just myths” was one of the things that prevented me from taking Christianity seriously when I was an atheist. Recently I got a good email from a reader on this subject. She writes (I’m paraphrasing for brevity): I am a Catholic homeschooling mom who has been reading your blog for a while. One thing I have been wondering is this: how... Read More

When your spouse is an atheist / agnostic

A reader emailed me the other day to ask if I had any thoughts on how to discuss faith with an agnostic spouse. I don’t want to divulge any identifying details, but a rough summary of his question is this: I am a recent convert to Catholicism and my wife is agnostic. She is content with her life, not really intellectual, and not “searching” spiritually. So far our marriage is a happy one, but I worry about big conflicts arising from our differing views if we have children. I feel very disheartened that she has no interest in this... Read More

Living God’s will: what is God trying to tell me with this situation?

So after thinking about what Steve G. wrote in response to my questions about how God’s will works, I decided to hit him with an example situation. I gave him a hypothetical scenario that is the type of thing that would leave me confused about whether this was God’s will, the devil’s work, or just human error. I asked: Lately I’ve been trying to discern whether I should homeschool. So let’s say I’m driving to a Catholic friend’s house to talk about homeschooling, and on the way there, my car breaks down.... Read More